travel tips

Travel Tips

Don’t Check Out With Bed Bugs!

I have done my share of travelling around the province and luckily have not encountered bedbugs at any of the places I have stayed. In every location they did get a free bedbug inspection because when I check into a room I make certain I don’t check out with bed bugs! Here are some travel tips.


As we all know the bed bug is an excellent hitchhiker and it does not matter how highly the accommodations are rated, any location can have bed bugs.  Resorts and the very best hotels can pick up these unwanted travelers as easily as ordering room service (actually I have ordered room service, the bed bugs are easier to find).


Here are the very things I do each and every time I check into any hotel/motel/resort to make certain I don’t check out with bed bugs.


Travel Tips


1. The first thing I do is make certain my luggage does not come in contact with the bed or the provided luggage rack.  I place my luggage in the tub.   Never place your luggage on the bed or luggage rack/stand!


2. The next thing I do is pull the sheets from the bed.  This is to check for any obvious signs of bugs.


​3. I always carry a flashlight.  It has been a habit of mine for a very long time.  I inspect the mattress and box spring very carefully looking for anything that does not belong.  If I see anything, casings, feceal matter, bugs, I discretely request another room.


​4. The headboard is the next thing I inspect.  Sometimes these are mounted to the wall permanently.  Look along the crevice where it is mounted to the wall.


5. The nightstands are next.  I flip them over and check under the drawers and in the corners.


6. Any furniture in the room is also inspected.


Returning Home

Now that you have returned home there are a couple things you can do.


1. Leave your luggage in the garage or bag it.


2. Launder any clothing or at least heat treat it by putting it in the dryer on high.