FAQs: You may never know where you got bed bugs. It is important to know they are hitchhikers and can move from one site to your home without you even knowing about it.  Rest assured we know how to get rid of bed bugs!


FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions


How long do bed bugs live?

On average bed bugs live several months. They can, however, survive several months in hiding without a feeding.  Some experiments have had them survive as long as 18 months but that was in a controlled environment under ideal conditions.  It is unlikely they will survive in the average home for that length of time.


How do I know if I have bed bugs?

If you suspect you may have bed bugs due to bite marks on your body you can attempt to do an inspection yourself. It is best to inspect with the use of a flashlight and take a close look at your mattress, box spring, head board, foot board, night side table etc and look for evidence such as bugs, eggs, casings from when the bed bugs molt, and excrement ( black in color).


Do I have to throw my furniture away?

No. In most cases, items such as furniture and clothing can be treated and cleaned. Our trained technician will advise you if an item should be disposed of and the proper procedure for doing so. Before discarding any item it should be wrapped in plastic to keep bugs contained.


My home is clean why do I have bed bugs?
Bed bugs do not discriminate and do not prefer locations based on sanitation or hygiene practices of an individual. Bed Bugs can be found in the cleanest places. However, it is important to know that clutter makes it more difficult to get rid of bed bugs.


Where can I pick up bed bugs from?

You can bring home bed bugs essentially from any place such as hotels, motels, homes, apartments, airports, churches, community centres, hospitals, cruise ships, schools, daycares, theaters, public transit, used furniture places – you name it – bed bugs could almost be anywhere.


How can I get rid of bed bugs myself?
Bed bugs are difficult to get rid of and it is best to seek professional help by a licensed technician. Your bed bug professional will specify pre- treatment responsibilities of the home owner and provide a targeted treatment plan for your situation.  Trust our professional staff to get rid of your bed bugs here in Halifax and Truro.


I have bed bugs what do I do now?


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